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Version 2.0 of the Westermann vocabulary trainer app

This year we were able to update the iOS vocabulary trainer we developed for the Westermann publishing group to the latest state of the art. Due to new possibilities, the single platform solution from 2015 was no longer up to date. During implementation, the Flutter framework enabled us not to have to develop the app separately for Android and iOS, but to write a common code for both systems. In addition to the new code and design, the functionality has also changed. For example, the user's knowledge is no longer checked by which text was entered, but according to the card index principle. We use this to query the vocabulary and then display it for checking. The use is facilitated by the right-and-left wipe, which completes the yes-no click. In addition to classic learning, a quiz function provides variety: it's all about speed and users can compare their achieved values in the high score display.

Flutter also made it possible to create a contemporary interface for the design. The reduced look is based on white and grey elements. Color accents provide a simple overview - the color defines the selected textbook. The pupils know immediately whether they are learning English or Spanish vocabulary. Simple icons support orientation and offer intuitive navigation. You can quickly switch between the learning methods and if someone should not know what to do, additional information will help you to get to the next step.