white calendar
Aren't you bored with the same calendar app you always use? Should I change it this time?
Free stickers, period calendars, encrypted journals and secret schedules!
Manage it with a single 'White Calendar'.

๐Ÿ“–My journal
My journal that's encrypted and locked!
Synchronize immediately without setting up a separate sync!
(You should not edit encrypted journal in other calendar apps.)

๐Ÿ’Period calendar
You have to use a calendar app and you have to use a period calendar!
It's hard to check the period app and calendar app alternately when you schedule an outing, right?
Check your period cycle and schedule with the White Calendar at the same time!

๐Ÿ”’Secret schedule
Activate `Secret Schedule` when adding your schedule!
It is encrypted and cannot be checked by other calendar apps.
When you have a schedule you want to hide, use the secret schedule.
(You must not edit the encrypted secret schedule in another calendar app.)