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whotfire    Game_card

A drag and drop Whot Card Game with commentary and Combos..
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Whotfire is a simple Free whot game (drag and drop playstyle) in which you have a center card while players (2 players) are dealt 5-7 cards which they are to find creative ways to empty their hands first following the whot gameplay rules. Whot is a turn based card game .players are to play a shape to number combo to quickly empty their hands . Further gameplay tutorials are on the card attributes.We will not hold your hand that much.
Pick Two card has a number two(2).Pick-Two cards are forces the opponent to pick two (2) cards from the Market. Pick-Two cards cannot be defended or countered, therefore there is no turn change when a pick-two is played. It can be combo starters, linkers, enders in a combo situation.
Pick Three card has a number five(5).Pick-Three cards request the opponent to pick three cards from the market if they cannot defend or counter pick-three cards can be defended or countered with only a pick-three card, therefore there is a turn change when a pick-three card is played. It can only be used as a combo ender, resets or set-plays.
Suspension card has a number eight(8).suspension cards request that the opponent to skip a turn but unlike hold-on cards, only exact shapes or number can be played on it. It can be combo starters ,linkers ,enders in a combo situation.
General Market card has a number fourteen(14).general market cards request that the opponent to pick one card from the Market, only exact shapes or number can be played on it.It can be combo starters ,linkers ,enders in a combo situation.
Whot card has a number Twenty(20).Whot card can be used to request any of the game card shapes only in a play.Whot card can be played on any card , it can also be countered with a Whot card by the opponent.It can only be a combo ender or used for set-ups, resets etc.
Hold-On card has a number one(1).Hold-on Card is any card that the number is 1.All hold-on cards retains the players turn when played.When a Hold-on card is played in Whotfire, any type of card can be played on the next play. It can be combo starters ,linkers ,enders in a combo situation.

A Duel style Whot Card game for leisure and competitive sports (eSport).
* Offline Whot card game
*Multiplayer Whot card Game
* Add Friends
* Play ranked to get whotfire Ranking
* Can combo with cards
* Duel Style feel
* Localisation
* Offline tournament Mode
* Spectator Mode (testing)
* E-Sports Ready