World Heritage Walking Steps
Steps Counter - Pedometer App
Playing a World Heritage adventure game in conjunction with your smartphone's pedometer can make your regular exercise more enjoyable.

The conjunction with the pedometer on your smartphone, you can virtually explore World Heritage Sites on the map. World Heritage adventures can be set in cultural, natural, and composite heritage sites around the world.

- World Heritage
Mont Saint-Michel and its Bay, France
Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Peru
Angkor, Cambodia
Independence Hall, United States
Grand Canyon National Park, United States
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, United States
Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, Japan
Early Cristian and Byzantine monuments of Thessalonika, Greece

The SNS features allows users to check the count of steps taken by other users, keeping them motivated to continue. You can also record comments, receive likes and notifications.

Perhaps this app could also be used to study for the World Heritage Certificate. Let's master World Heritage Sites while dieting! A simple pedometer is also included. You can easily check the count of steps, calories consumed, distance walked, and time walked. Prepared a pedometer application with a simple and easy-to-understand design.

※This application uses HealthKit and GoogleFit.
※Information on World Heritage Sites is taken from Wikipedia.