‍Let doodles do the talking in Yoodl, the first social network based on animated drawings.
Yoodl is an creative social media that let's users communicate with Yoodl's (animated drawings).
Creating a Yoodl is simpel, using the intuitive drawing tools provided anyone can create amazing drawings.
Receiving and viewing Yoodl's is satasfying; because the Yoodl is animated from beginning to end within a couple seconds.

Besides communicating with friends you can also enjoy and take part in the Community Spotlight.
Scroll and view Yoodl's from creators from all over the world: find new friends, become inspired and/or leave a reaction.

You can also follow your favorite creators to stay up to date with their latest Yoodl's, creating your own feed.

Privacy and Security is very important to us, we work hard to ensure a safe place for everyone.
Private Yoodl's can only be send to friends and public Yoodl's are moderated by our team.
We also have a reporting and penalty system in place for moderating users and content.

Yoodl is constantly improving and updated regularly with new features.