Yubico Authenticator
The safest authenticator app experience across mobile and desktop
Store your unique credential on a hardware-backed security key and take it wherever you go from mobile to desktop. No more storing sensitive secrets on your mobile phone, leaving your account vulnerable to takeovers. With the Yubico Authenticator you can raise the bar for security.

β€’ The Yubico Authenticator will work with any USB or NFC-enabled YubiKeys

The Yubico Authenticator securely generates a code used to verify your identity as you are logging into various services. No connectivity needed!

Features include:

Secure – Hardware-backed strong two-factor authentication with secret stored on the YubiKey, not on the mobile device
Portable – Get the same set of codes across our other Yubico Authenticator apps for desktops as well as for all leading mobile platforms
Flexible – Support for time-based and counter-based code generation
USB or NFC usage – Insert the YubiKey into the USB port, or simply tap the YubiKey with NFC to a mobile phone that is NFC-enabled to store your credential on the YubiKey
Easy Setup – QR codes available from the services you wish to protect with strong authentication
User Presence – Require a touch on the YubiKey sensor, or an extra NFC tap, to generate new codes for sensitive accounts
Compatible – Secure all the services currently compatible with other Authenticator apps
Configurable – Ability to configure what happens when you tap a YubiKey against the NFC reader of your phone when the app isn’t running
Versatile – Support for multiple work and personal accounts

Experience security the modern way with the Yubico Authenticator. Visit https://www.yubico.com/products/yubico-authenticator to learn more.