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ZeroWaste    Lifestyle

App collecting & presenting places, news & tips for the zero waste community.

From the app strore:

What can I as one do... said half of humanity!

The answer is: EVERYTHING!

You can effectively avoid garbage. The only thing is: how to start? And where?
If everyone has good ideas, they should not only follow them, but share them with others.
In many places there are such places: unpacked shops, second-hand shops, regulars' tables, information campaigns or even blogs with tips and tricks.

This app aims to be a reservoir for all these ideas. Anyone can suggest something, there is currently the possibility to submit places. These are checked sporadically and then released.

But the app should be much more: a place for like-minded people who want to develop ideas and actions for waste prevention.

This is only about you, the users!
Enter your places and recommend the app to everyone else! Only in this way can an idea become something useful.

The app is still at a very early stage. Currently, it provides the ability to build a persistent database of places. These places can be suggested as users and also to see the places nearby.
Despite the limited scope of functions, we see the urgency to make the app available anyway.

A few of the planned features (not necessarily in this order):
- User Login: For people who want to have persisted their settings, places, favorites and later want to leave comments and / or reviews
- User-specific features: create sites without review, personalized newsfeed, favorites, comments, reviews, post or link posts, etc.
- Verification system: users decide if a place really helps to avoid garbage
- Feedback: Write us what you need next and most urgently
- Challenges: daily, weekly, monthly goals...
... and hopefully much more ...

A word about permissions: The app uses your location to find out which locations from the database are currently relevant to you. It works without it, but it is not so comfortable in some places.