Zoo Hannover App
Your digital map to the Hanover Adventure Zoo
The first release of the official app of Hanover Adventure Zoo enriches the visitors' stay. With the help of a digitised map, users can quickly and easily determine their own location and find out where the animals are located in the park. With a simple tap, additional information on the animals can be called up and feeding and animal show times can be viewed.

The main goal of the app was to digitise the zoo map to enable users to find their way around the zoo. The map shows the user's exact location and provides more information about the animals, feeding times and background information. A particular challenge was to address the different user groups of the app. The aim was to keep the handling of the app as simple as possible at all times.

The app is available on both major platforms - Android and iOS - and was implemented using Flutter as a framework. This makes it possible to combine the time-to-market, cost efficiency and speed advantages of cross-platform development with the performance and user experience of a native app.

More features are planned in the future!